Tribe #FillYourTank is made up amazing people striving to do all the things that make their soul sing. We’re all in this together as we share in the journey of being positive, implementing self-care and standing suited up in our armor of passion. The #FillYourTank book has given this tribe another reason to stand fully present in their own journey. I see you. I appreciate you. Here we are! Xo - LH

I thought I’d tell you that my oldest son sent me this when he received your book. “Thanks so much. I needed this so bad today! Just so you know that you’re touching many lives with your words of inspiration. Thank you!
Believe it or not, your words of encouragement are SO TIMELY right now, and mean so much. Today I put in my resignation, and I feel SO ALIVE and ready to do more freelance and find another business/position that really values my creativity! So even your support has helped me make this decision.