#FillYourTank started out as a movement, then it became a book. Now it’s a brand within a movement. The initial launch of the #FillYourTank workshops was and is still a place to provide individuals with the tools to seek greater transformation starting within. These workshops are designed to give you the tools that will help you stay focused and on-track in the areas you are working to improve or expand upon in life. Many people have found this to be helpful as they work on self-care and setting boundaries. Others have found the workshops to be a place that holds them accountable in finding ways to align their personal and professional goals with their ideal balanced life.

LaEisha’s compassion, humor, expertise and sass make for a fun inviting place to be your authentic self. She might drop the F-bomb but she keeps it real.”

“Being around like-minded people who are looking to be the best possible versions of themselves. Inspiring and motivating.”

“Seeing you reclaim your spirit and live your truth out loud was inspiring. You were a syllabus standing before me today and it filled my heart.”

“A setting to focus exclusively on the why’s and what’s of internal development.”

“LaEisha you are the bomb! I feel so much inspiration, love and empowerment! Your ability to bring a diverse group of strong women together is inspiring. Thanks for allowing me to be open, learn and grow.