Goodbye 2016! Hello 2017 and Everything You Offer!

2016 was magical and it was tragic in many ways. I lived, loved and lead in more ways than I have in a very long time.

I launched into new territory, my deep rooted strength came out on fire.  I pushed myself harder than I ever have in business.  I saw through a lot of BS, and maintained integrity throughout it all. My faith, my tribe and my love grew deeper and stronger. Over the last few weeks many people have said "Screw 2016" it's been awful. The reality is shit happens every year. Awful and wonderful. I tackled the shit of lemons in 2016 and made lemonade. 

2017 will be amazing because I choose to make it amazing.  I choose to continue pursuing greatness with authenticity resilience and integrity. I wish the best to everyone in 2017. May it be a year of growth, adventure and magical moments. 

Xo ~ LH


Clothing Will Always Be My Paint Brush

Hey beautiful souls!

I have received some major love since launching my new site. THANK YOU!! I have also received messages regarding styling and if I have nixed it entirely. Let's great real. Clothing will always be my paint brush. I created 12/14 so that I could not only style occasionally but allow other freelance artist to do the same while I played more of a behind the scenes role. However I will still style on a very limited level. Special request only. There you have it ladies and gents...

Remember to embrace the passion and changes in others, and not label what you think they should or should not be. Life changes and so do we.  Don't knock the hustle. 

Back in the Driver's Seat

It’s been two years since I wrote my last blog post and limited much of my work running my company, leading workshops, speaking to organizations and groups. Why the break you might ask? It was time. I needed that so I could come back fully present as ever, and lifted with excitement in my life as the entrepreneur, creative mind and soul-sparking innovating spirit that is me. It’s always been there but there were moments it took a back seat to other things. I needed to sit in that backseat so that I could climb back into the driver’s seat with both hands on the wheel seeing the straight away open and clear for me to accelerate my passion from the depth of my soul.

So, what’s next? A lot. So much I sometimes ask myself where do I get the energy and how is this all going to be done. Starting with my book. Yes, my book. The book that I have been writing for years that suddenly has taken a change and is being re-written today as something I did not intend for in the start. The manuscript is being sent to the editor in just a few short weeks. Excited, nervous and humble, I am ready to rock this journey full speed ahead.

Xo ~ L