14 Mile Mystery

My fingers were white, purple and numb at 4,800 feet.  I could barley take this photo yet I needed to capture the mystery this hike held all morning.  Like all things, there is a lesson in everything.  There are times when fear sets in among something you do so naturally when your body chooses to respond differently.  I had a moment when it did.  My hands hurt with very little blood flow to them, and silent tears fell in worry that I may injure myself more if I don't get down this mountain carefully. 

I thought as much as I hike I can't stop because of this.  In my second summer of chasing higher elevation gain, I CANNOT stop now!  We all find ourselves questioning the rocks and foggy paths in life but the beauty is pressing through it and knowing it only last for a moment.  The magic of the universe and the places I allow myself to go once again surprise me.  Feeling in my fingers did not come back until the last half mile down.  14 miles of mystery on a foggy mountain.

Xo ~ L

Xo ~ L

The Restructure of Trust - A Moment of Reflection

I may write about this several more times, however, I'm lead to write about the last workshop. #FillYourTank The Restructure of Trust. Out of all the workshops to date, this has been my favorite. The space, the women who attended, and the energy was epic. I find myself learning more and more after each workshop I lead. This workshop was different. Every woman in attendance walked in the room open and willing. We are not all able to do that.

Not only were they open, vulnerable we all were. It was made clear that the space and time we were in was for authentic connection and acceptance on every level.  I have been fighting the bug that's been going around all week. By Thursday last week I was crashing. Saturday came and I rallied. Not for myself, but for the women attending. I rallied because my passion was stronger than the bug. The week leading up to it had been filled with people or things that were inconsiderate, energy zapping, lost my trust, and posed an unnecessary challenge. In the midst of this all, I realized once again what I will/will not tolerate. It seems to get stronger and stronger daily. I have zero tolerance for energy drainers. Those energy draining things gave me fire. That fuel that's deeply embedded allowed me to speak even deeper on a subject I had already designed to teach months ago.

I woke up Saturday morning and put a spin on it and damn did it hit like fire in the room when I presented. Nailed it! It was not intentional but it was necessary. Necessary to speak my truth and from my soul. Thank you ladies for trusting in me. My heart is full and gratitude runs through my veins like water off the mountain side.

Teaching I was and I was learning while teaching. I was learning and absorbing; being fully present in the moment. I was teaching about building trust in small moments and I was allowing myself to regain trust in a small moment. I am human and although, the people/things that have broken my trust, whether earned back or not, I allow room for improvement and forgiveness.

Until then...

Xo ~ LH