Listening To The Universe & My Inner Voice

The last few months and weeks have been packed with family, friends, work and a lot of projects. Throughout all of it, managing to listen to my inner voice and carve out time for what is important to me has been incredibly fulfilling. 

Learning to say no when I need to, and saying yes when I want to. Perhaps as I inch closer to 40 I declare my right to stand extremely solid in my boundaries and what works for me. Running a million miles an hour some days I find myself on my drive home from the office in a zone. That zone has allowed me to slow down and be present with my own thoughts. I am forgiving of myself while in that zone, and I get clear on making sure I do everything in my power to accomplish the goals I set out to do.

I am leaning into my inner core more and more. Trusting the universe who seems to guide me on a very powerful, intense, sometimes rocky but always magical journey, that all things I have and want to do, will be. There is power in believing in yourself. There is faith in showing up for yourself, and there is bliss in living your wholehearted self. 

Xo - L


Staying Present

In a world peppered with so much hate these days I myself am finding it ever so hard to stay present. Committing each day to see a gift is the very thing that get's me through. Raising my hand to ask the difficult questions even when fear sneaks in reminds me not to hide behind the comfortable but to stay present in my truth and challenge the unknown. 

I've woken up for the last two weeks challenged to shift in a different way. A way of additional consistency. Making myself even more accountable for the goals I have set. Waking up with a purpose is one thing. Wanting to follow that purpose on a Monday morning can sometimes make you want to pull the covers back over your head. So I head out into my work world with my purpose reminding me all the great things that lie ahead by staying present. One can only be knocked down by challenge that they do not learn from.

See challenge and growth as personal sunlight. Even on a cloudy Monday morning. In time all things shine when you are present within yourself. 

Authentically Intentional. A Slice of 2017 In Review...

2017 was full of lovely adventure, amazing memories and some scary moments that made me even stronger.  It brought me peace and closure from previous years.  Although many sad and awful things going on in the world today, my world was rocked in the most beautiful way in 2017.  A heart full of gratitude. Cheers to 2018! It's going to be a game changer! 

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14 Mile Mystery

My fingers were white, purple and numb at 4,800 feet.  I could barley take this photo yet I needed to capture the mystery this hike held all morning.  Like all things, there is a lesson in everything.  There are times when fear sets in among something you do so naturally when your body chooses to respond differently.  I had a moment when it did.  My hands hurt with very little blood flow to them, and silent tears fell in worry that I may injure myself more if I don't get down this mountain carefully. 

I thought as much as I hike I can't stop because of this.  In my second summer of chasing higher elevation gain, I CANNOT stop now!  We all find ourselves questioning the rocks and foggy paths in life but the beauty is pressing through it and knowing it only last for a moment.  The magic of the universe and the places I allow myself to go once again surprise me.  Feeling in my fingers did not come back until the last half mile down.  14 miles of mystery on a foggy mountain.

Xo ~ L

Xo ~ L