Staying Present

In a world peppered with so much hate these days I myself am finding it ever so hard to stay present. Committing each day to see a gift is the very thing that get's me through. Raising my hand to ask the difficult questions even when fear sneaks in reminds me not to hide behind the comfortable but to stay present in my truth and challenge the unknown. 

I've woken up for the last two weeks challenged to shift in a different way. A way of additional consistency. Making myself even more accountable for the goals I have set. Waking up with a purpose is one thing. Wanting to follow that purpose on a Monday morning can sometimes make you want to pull the covers back over your head. So I head out into my work world with my purpose reminding me all the great things that lie ahead by staying present. One can only be knocked down by challenge that they do not learn from.

See challenge and growth as personal sunlight. Even on a cloudy Monday morning. In time all things shine when you are present within yourself. 

C20 to A3

I woke up dreading travel today. I slept like a baby the night before and last night I slept like I was traumatized. I wasn't feeling it at all. My patience was tested in every way. As my flight was boarding, I received a notification the gate had changed. WTF! Changed clear across the damn airport. Looking real good Tuesday. Real good. Not! I kept thinking just roll with it LaEisha. 36hrs and you'll be back home. As I see frantic travelers running past me realizing the gate changed I kept walking. My running is done outdoors, up or down a mountain. Not sprints around the airport in heels. 

I get on the plane. The pilot isn't even here. He received the same notification. He gets on the speaker, out of breath, and apologizing for the shit show going down from C20 to gate A3. We have a new flight crew he says. Welcome them. There is nothing welcoming in my annoyed soul this morning. My major pet peeve of unorganized situations felt like I might break out into hives. Don't worry I didn't. I sit in my happy place. A window seat. It's going to be a long flight. Lady on the aisle has not stopped talking and I am thanking the stars above I am not the one occupying the middle seat. Someone continues to adjust in their seat behind me, which makes me look like I am having convulsions because my seat moves back and fourth like I want escape this cluster fk of a morning. Is this real life right now?!

The flight attendant goes through the drill routine. She had it down. I almost felt like I should break out into a choreographed dance routine. I looked up at her. She smiled and I gave the biggest grin. What in the world?! I'm smiling like I might want to ask for her number and to have a drink. I don't think that would go over well at home. ;-)

I realized I wanted her to feel comfortable and like someone cared. I cared. I see this routine almost weekly. Probably still wouldn't know how to work the oxygen mask if I had to. We've all had our first day. We have been nervous and feeling panicked at the thought of messing up. To be on a plane with unorganized adults, the smell of dirty diapers and unwashed hair, she kept a smile and appeared calm. Nice job Omaha Nebraska! 

We smiled again and I hope that her first flight felt great even if she received only one smile today. In my own way, I was grateful for the smile back, for the silent wink of acknowledgement that this is one crazy morning and everything will be ok. 

I took away from this to continue realizing the world is and always will be bigger than me. Someone will need a smile even when your day sucks. Someone will be going through something worse than you are. All is not lost nor bad because of one unorganized moment. The moment always passes. 

You get back what you put out. Start with a smile. 

Xo - L