Get Woke. Stay Woke.

Outraged. Pissed. Saddened. All weekend my newsfeed on every social media platform has been filled with stories, comments and big opinions of the recent events in Charlottesville, VA. Today my heart and soul is at a crossroads. I saw someone commented in a post "I bet black folks aren't surprised by this." You damn right we are not. Thank you white woman for being that person. Calling it what it is. 

We are even more outraged that we live in this America today. This America is disgusting. We have a sick sociopath as a leader of the free country and some cowardly minions that follow his lead. However, let's not get it twisted. These cowardly minions have been sitting idle for a while. They have walked the streets with you and me. They work with you and your children go to school with them. 

I am so sick and tired of so many acting like this isn't an issue or is new. It's not. It was and has always been pushed under the rug. I dine, work and do business with my white clients, co-workers and friends. What I want from my white allies are to have a honest conversation with their black friends, me or our children about race and color. It's all fair in love and war until someone gets hurt right?! So yes, these hard conversations need to happen. 

These rallies to protest against hate are great, but YOU are not addressing us directly. And if you are, thank you! How are we feeling in our homes, in your home, the grocery store, our cars, the workplace or our personal lives? ASK! 

Today, Seattle held a rally to protest against hate. I watch many friends on social media post about Black Lives Matter and protest about it but are you talking to your black friends, and friends of color? I have yet to see many pull a friendship circle and address the elephant in the room chat. Have those tough conversations to know more and understand on an even deeper level.

Don't just take to social media to announce your support or show up at a protest or two. Fk that! We need you to know what you are protesting for. Understanding the deeper struggle. The tears we cry, the tired days of feeling like we are living our grandparents and great grandparents lives ten times over.

To know what it's like to raise bi-racial children in America today, to be black or brown among the LGBT community where racism is even deeper among each other. Let's not beat around the bush. To be driving while black everyday, and more. ASK! 

To top it off, today, I hear that a WSU (Washington State University) student participated in the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, VA. My daughter will be a student at WSU in 2018. This disgusts me to know someone walks the campus of a school that prides community and inclusiveness.

I could be even more outraged and I've thought perhaps this isn't the school for my child to go to. My baby whom I have raised to love and accept everyone.

To live fearlessly and love all. My child whom I will have to send off in a few short months has me a bit on edge. However, what I do know is, this type of student is everywhere. This is not on the school until it is. This starts at home. This behavior is bread and formed out of fear and hate. 

As a black woman I am always judged. I may be successful, but proving my worth comes with side eyes and additional questions. Far more than my white allies and my white partner will ever receive. 

So today we can all be mad and angry at each other, but until we start having conversations openly, calmly and organically this shit will still look like shit, and hell on earth. Our kids need us more than ever to step up and show up. White, black and brown. 

Get woke. Stay woke. 

Xo ~ LH