Truth & Transparency

Trust can be broken as easy as it can be acquired. Trust can be fatal in many peoples lives causing you to feel like you've hit rock bottom. We do not often think what the impact of that little white lie, or the moment we were too embarrassed to show our true selves could have one a person.

I have had several people in my life throughout the years loose my trust. As quickly as it was acquired it was broken. I've walked that very wide and bumpy road of broken trust. A place that leaves your heart hurting and your head bursting. I sit in a place of wondering at what point does integrity and honesty override dishonesty. What does it take for people to show up as themselves. All questions and observations I am opening my eyes to everyday as a leader in my professional career, friendships and business.

Helping navigate some of the people surrounded by me daily and watching them burden and upset with the lack of transparency in their lives it becomes clear. We all have work to do as humans. What if we existed in a world where we could just say exactly how we felt? Hurt feelings or not. Being honest is the first step to making that happen.

My heart is a little heavy for those I see suffering at the thought of not knowing and their minds running wild with made up ideas of what they “think” is happening.

Let’s all step up with more transparency and less dishonesty.

Xo ~